Rare 1936 Berlin Olympics Album signed by Jesse Ownens

This album is a rare find indeed. It's German in origin, and has two pages glued inside the album loaded with autographs including Jesse Owens as well as othe Olympians. The historical significance of 1936 Berlin Olympics is priceless.

Jesse entered the 1936 Olympics, which to many are known as the "Hitler Olympics." These games were to be held in Nazi Germany, and Hitler was going to prove to the world that the German "Aryan" people were the dominant race. Jesse had different plans, however, and by the end of the games even German fans cheered for him.
Jesse was triumphant in the 100-meter dash, the 200-meter dash and the broad jump. He was also a key member of the 400-meter relay team that won the Gold Medal. In all but one of these events Jesse set Olympic records. Jesse was the first American in the history of Olympic Track and Field to win four gold medals in a single Olympics.

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