Direct from the estate of my grandfather in law, Bill Hempel who played for the 1942 Chicago Bears, comes this unique and super rare team signed photo. It measures 11x14 and contains the signatures of all players and coaches from this team that lost the Championship to the Redskins. We think the signatures are in fountain pen with some being light.Bill had this until he passed away in 2001. My husband and I have had it since. The signatures were obtained by my grandfather himself. The picture its self is very unique and unlike standard group photos of the era.It was difficult to photograph well so if you need a specific photo please email.No reserve this time around!!Will be shipped in frame.

We Added better quality photos and can provide further pictures upon request


George Halas, Paddy Driscoll, Luke Johnsos, Hunk Anderson


Sid Luckman, Bulldog Turner, Dan Fortman, Joe Stydahar, George Musso, Ray Bray, George Wilson, Hugh Gallarneau, Bill Osmanski, Charles O Rourke, Connie Berry, Ray McLean, Len Aiken, Chuck Drulis, Bill Geyer, Frank Maznicki, Ray Nolting, Adolph Kissel, Nick Kerasiotis, Harry Clark, Stuart Clarkson, Lee Artoe, Al Matuza, Ed Kolman, Hamp Pool, GAry Famiglietti, Francis Morris, Al Hoptowit, Clint Wager, John Siegal, John Petty, Bob Nowaskey, and Bill
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