RARE 1947 General Television ART DECO Wood Tube Radio

* Rare 1947 General Television ~ Model 3A5 *

For your consideration is a very hard to find 1947 General Television tube radio,Model 3A5. Many of these small GT deco sets use the same chassis but with many different cabinet styles. I would say the rarity of this model ranks right up t with my last GT wood radio restoration(see last pic).

This unique cabinet design consist of a multi-section veneered cabinet with two white & red Marquetry wood inlay strips. Starting at the bottom moving up is the dark base trim,bookmatched walnut veneer,ribbon mahogany veneer(center section),maple veneer,and a solid flamed maple top. The brown swirl trim pieces consist of tenite handle,grille,dial bezel,and knobs.

CABINET: The original yellow & faded lacquer was in very poor condition so a refinish job was in order. The good news is t's no missing veneer and the cabinet is solid. I prefer the natural color of the veneer's so only natural stain was used,then several hand-rubbed layers of lacquer(not over-kill) were applied. The outcome is a nice colorful piece with some very nice thin tiger strips on the solid maple top which I tried to show in the one photo. These little GT wood sets have always been some of my favorites to restore,this one measuring only 11"wide x 7"tall x 6"deep...perfect bookshelf radio.

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