Rare 1949 post-WorldWar2 Manila PHILIPPINES View-Master

Sawyer's View-Master single reel # 5600
USA issue, 1949
Just 4 short years after the US-Allied Forces liberated the Philippine islands and its people from the clutches of Japanese occupation at the end of World War 2, Sawyer's issued this superb View-Master reel of seven 3-D pictures, capturing a fleeting moment in time -- a culture in sudden and tremendous transition. Sixty years have passed since these views were created -- I'm certain much of Manila must look radically different by now...
With thousands of foreign prisoners-of-war and tens of thousands of soldiers & sailors going home after suffering through some of the most inhumane, atrocious conditions in all of the war-torn world, the Philippine people finally established a fully independent government in 1946 -- though the the US military remained in several strategically important "leased" bases. Some of these views show clues to an American-imbued way of life abounding -- and prospering -- in that sovereign nation as they recovered from war ravages. A great aerial view of "Azcarraga Street" shows a whole range of old and new buildings ; the street is filled with what appear to be shiny new US-made automobiles and big colorful steel buses , in amongst several traditional mule-drawn carts! Another shot shows an interesting
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