This is a great item up for auction...

This Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Medallion dated back to 1957 is 51 Years Old! The front of the coin has the bust of the Co-Founders, Walter and Olive Beech. The bust which extends outwardly can be seen in one of the pictures I have provided.

The back of the medallion it features the world set into the sun in the center then surrounded by 7 planes. One being the Famous Beechcraft Bonanza, and the Staggerwing. Those are the only ones I could figure out.

The company last year just celebrated its 75th anniversary, so considering that this coin celebrated its 25th, I would say not many were made and still around after 51 years. If you are interested in aviation collecting or if you own your own beechcraft this may be a nice addition to inlay into your cockpit, or as a desktop weight or better yet incased in glass since its in really good condition. This item is heavy and made of bronze.

The back says : The world is small, when you fly a beechcraft"

Up to 1/4 inch thick with Bust. 3.25 inches round. Made of Bronze.

The 1/4 inch rim is stamped "Medallic Art Co. N.Y. Bronz"

The item has a couple of small dings however considering how long ago this was made you can tell its in great shape and very nicely kept, as you can see by the photos.
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