RARE #3 Cast Iron Farm Bell MADE IN USA FOUNDRY Well, it finally happened. After being in business for over 30 years another American company has suffered at the hands of the imports. Ed Thomas has closed his foundry in Alabama and has ceased all operations. What this means is that after we go through our remaining inventory of bells the only way that you will be able to purchase a USA made farm bell will be to find one second hand. Now is your chance to purchase a #3 bell for $149.99 BEFORE we run out....not a sales pitch, just the unfortunate truth. As of 6/16/08 we have approx 6 #3's and 1 #1 bell left . We are sold out of the #2 bell.

for an AVI video of the bells being made. If clicking the link doesn't work, right-click and choose "save as" to save to your computer. This is the most trouble free way to view the video.

VIDEO 1 This video shows Ed pouring a #2 farm bell. The molten metal changes from a liquid to a solid in a matter of minutes.

Please Read This BEFORE You Bid!

Notice the picture of the bell bracket that is by itself. Scroll down and look at the top middle picture. The "3" is transposed and looks like an "E". This is what happens when someone doesn't pay attention while on the job. The bell bracket that you will receive WILL have the "E" on it. It WILL NOT have the "3" on it. The yolk
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