RARE! 50's / 60's Avon Bottles "Topaz"perfume

Lot of three Vintage Avon " Topaz" New, old stock with original boxes aquired through the estate of an Avon lady. I am basing the age on the fact that one box had an invoice from 1948. This is new old stock, never used, and in original boxes. Due to the age of these products, t may be yellowing of boxes or evaporation but everything looks to be in good shape. This lot comes with:

4 oz. Beauty Dust with powder puff. topaz "stone" on top of lid

set of 3 pillar soaps in tray with lovely box.

topaz topped cologne mist. (nice 9.5" tall bottle)

Cream sachet, topaz inserted on top, marblized effect on container

These have spent many years in storage and have never been used. Condition is very good but, being liquid products, I cannot be responsible for any amount of evaporation taken place over the years. Almost everything appears to be full and evaporation mostly appears to be in the cream sachets.

Thank you for looking at our auction.


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