For your consideration, this wonderful and Rare Antique Albert Fehleisen Bottle is up for auction.

The Albert Fehleisen Brewery was located at 317 Orange Street in Newark, New Jersey . According to my research, the Albert Fehleisen Brewery was in operation between 1879 and 1884. That would make this Bottle an Antique Gem! This AF Bottle is Rare for many reasons. First of all, it is Complete with its Original Top, Manufactured and Patented by Karl Hutter of New York. Karl Hutter was one of the most successful Bottle Manufacturers of the Late 19th Century. This bottle, I believe, has an example of the Porcelain Lightning Stopper , for which Mr. Hutter acquired the Patent Rights from Charles de Quillfeldt in 1877. The Hutter Stopper came soon tafter. I found an explanation of the Lightning Stopper online and the article states:

"This stopper revolutionized beer bottling and was an almost instant success for Karl Hutter who acquired the patent rights and popularized this stopper when it was reissued in 1877. In 1878, Henry Putnam also acquired and interest in this stopper and in 1882 adapted it for use on fruit jars. T were many imitators of this patent over the years, but they all worked on the same principle of leveraging a rubber disk into the lip of the bottle to make a seal."

This Antique Aqua Bottle ,
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