*RARE* Animated Baby Infant Jesus Music Box Fontanini



Jesus' eyes open and close, head raises, and his arm lifts in a blessing. LARGE PIECE.

I bet you won't find another one like this. I purchased it in a Fontanini shop in Sorrento, Italy over Christmas 1998. They told me that Fontanini made it, but t is no marking anyw that confirms that. I was told they only made a few and they were never exported because of the fragility of the baby. It was the only one the shop had. It was hand carried back from Italy the entire journey. Since then it's been displayed in my home, but not played. It is in the identical condition that I purchased it in.

It's a large music box, and when you play the music Baby Jesus awakens on His soft bed, opens His eyes, raises His head and lifts His right hand in a blessing. I don't know what the tune is that the box plays. Breathtakingly beautiful. The workmanship is astonishing. I'm not sure what the Baby Jesus is made of, it feels like wax.

The display box is BIG - 14" across, 7.5" tall and 7.5" wide. Gold fabric trim, and the gold stars inside and out are raised. The clear cover has some minor scratch marks and one small indentation that were t when it was purchased - you have to look close to see them and they don't take away from the box, which can be
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