rare Antique Art Chinese Japanese Silk Scroll Painting

~*~ Antique Art Chinese or Japanese Silk Scroll Painting Signed and with Identification Red Seal ~*~ Hand-Painted on Silk ... Not sure if its Japanese or Chinese but I think maybe Chinese? .... The picture as shown depicts mountains, lake with boats .... Artist mark in upper right corner ( see pictures ) also Marked on the back top of SCROLL .... The bottom of the scroll has a wooden roller ... Which of course this serves as a counter balance to keep the scroll hanging straight down when hung on a wall .... Top has a smaller wooden rod with the silk string for hangging .... Unrolled, the scroll measures 70 inches long by 19 inches wide ... The wooden roller extends another 3 inches .... The Silk Painting is 32 3/4 inches by 14 1/4 inches .... Circa, I think LATE 19th century or EARLY 20th century " Just a guess yet VERY OLD FOR SURE " ... The painting appears to be watercolor and is done on silk, and laid down on backing paper. At the top, sides and bottom, t is a toned brocade-like silk/cloth that is also laid down on the backing paper .... CONDITION: T is loses to the backing paper w it has cracked-aged-away at the top .... T is also age toning, a round stain / stains at the top.... Overall, it's still in very good condition when I consider the AGE ... Guaranteed Old and Authentic .... I described this SCROLL to the best of my ... read more