Rare Antique Cannonball Safe

Antique Manganese Cannonball Safe

Fully Functional



This very rare antique "Cannonball Safe" was built in the 1890's by the "New York Manganese Steel Safe Company" of New York , New York , and then sold to J.J. Deright and Co., General Agents of Omaha , Nebraska and Kansas City , Missouri . J.J. Deright and Co. was one of the distributors for the New York Manganese Safe Company during this period of time, and they sold safes to banks in the Midwest . This particular safe was sold to the First National Bank of Kansas , for their bank in Plainville , Kansas . During the late 1800's and early 1900's these Cannonball Safes took five years to manufacture, and they cost approximately $5,000.00 dollars. The banks would pay for the safes in advance, and wait for them to be manufactured and delivered. This safe sat in the First National Bank in Plainville , Kansas until sometime in the late 1930's, or early 1940's at which time it was sold to a private party. This safe then sat in a barn in Kansas for the last 60+ years, until I found it and restored it to its original beauty.

Cannonball Safes were manufactured from 1890 to 1920, and they get their name from the shape of the round security compartment that is mounted on the fluted base.

The 3,645 pound weight
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