Rare Antique CH Field Haviland Limoges Biscuit Jar H P

This is a very beautiful hand painted antique covered biscuit jar. This is marked C H Field Haviland Limoges C F H. I believe this is from about 1900's. The size is about 7" tall X 6" across the widest area. The very pretty hand painted flowers are pink, yellow and white with blue morning glories. T is a smaller bunch of flowers on the back side. The handles and cover has embossed designs like ribbons cascading from them. The cover handle is also embossed. Around the rim of the jar t is 2 spots that looks like very small dips not chips. These are from the maker. This is decorated with gold bands and lines accenting the handles. This is in wonderful condition with some of the gold worn off from use. I hope the pictured do this justice. Thanks for looking.