RARE - Antique HUGE 5 Gallon Crown Crock Jug! LOOK!

Absolutely perfect condition -

5 Gallon blue Crown Crock Jug!

I have to remark on the absolute beautiful condition this jug is in! It is as if was kept in a box for 75 years!

Unbelievable mint 10 out of 10 condition (maybe 9.75 if you count wear or unglazed opening)

Not 1 single chip! I scrutinized this crock and it has not a single chip or crack or hairline cracks! I was amazed!

It has many unique features and irregularities as shown in the pics!

I will first comment on the wear or unglazed opening. It is smooth as a baby's bottom and is not chipped around the opening. When you look at the straight down pic and up close pic you will be able to see how perfectly round it is and smooth. Was if you look at a side pic only, it might look like a chip because it's white around the opening with a section of brown glaze inbetween.

Second comment is regarding the white glazing on the bottom section! Look at the two pics! Beautiful irregular glazing that has some running at spots.

Third is the brown glazing on top.. it appears to be a very light coat of glaze as the up close pics will show that it is very light and some small white dots in other pics might appear to be chips or flakes (due to camera flash and just because they are not close up). The close up pics reveal the beauty
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