WHAT IS THIS WORTH? It could be the next item seen on the Antique road show. Bid if you like what you see, you most likely will never see this unless you are in a museum.

This is the rarest eBay item I have ever seen. The date for this item is not known, could have been from the 12th-17th century. Most likely it came from the Midieval area. (3-400 years old) What ever the date it is very very old. It is the kind you only find in a Museum and this will be a perfect piece for a collector, or a museum for that matter. This chastity belt is a combo bra-belt. Leather was adjustable to hold this in place the lock was from the back that held it all together. Its was used for many reasons most common use was for the men going out to war. It may have been good for the men but for the poor woman on the other end of this you cant help but appreciate why we arent living in Medieval times.

The full metal bra makes this piece rare indeed. The leather is still in good shape; it was found in an old estate and was kept inside. The leather is still very pliable. The metal has some surface rust but is still solid and will clean up nicely. It comes with the original lock, The lock is in perfect working order and comes with the original key (see picture) I have included some info I found about these items so you will understand the historical
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