Starting at $99.00 with NO RESERVE, Keith's Treasure Cove is pleased to bring you an exquisite and Extremely Rare work of art on porcelain done by Osborn Theomun Olsen. This work would have been done on or about 1902. I have come to this conclusion based on the following. The Porcelain blank he used was Jaeger and Company in business 1898 - 1902 when they changed their mark when Fritz Thomas left the company to create his own factory. In 1902, Osborne Theomun Olsen, creator of Osborne Art Studios in 1910, changed his name from Asbjorn to Osborne. He was listed as a decorator at age 17 in 1900 and started to professionally decorate porcelain blanks in 1902. This piece would be one of his very early pieces and was done prior to founding his Art Studio in 1910.

Alan Reed wrote in the Collector's Encyclopedia of Pickard China, " Osborne was the only china artist of any stature to use his first name for his studio name and signature." He predominately signed the pieces prior to 1910 and after then didn't backstamp all his pieces. Pickard along with Osborne Studios and some other 102 studios produced hand painted artwork on porcelain blanks. Pickard because the most well known.

No other artist signed Osborne's name to their works while producing hand painted pieces for Osborne Art Studios. He used 22 kt gold to decorate
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