Cameos are such happy, romantic pieces of jewelry, usually given to mark special occasions, and almost always as an expression of love! Don't forget, Christmas time is just around the corner, and a beautiful cameo would make the ideal, romantic gift for that someone special in your life!

This rare and beautiful cameo is hand carved from a single piece of pink coral! Coral cameos are becoming more and more rare as the laws for harvesting coral become more regulated and strict, so in addition to being super beautiful and unusual, it has also become a wise investment! The cameo depicts a beautiful young woman who has been carved in right profile. Her long hair has been pulled away from her face to fall in long curls against her neck. Tiny flowers and vines have been entwined in her hair, and a long, leafy vine falls below her right shoulder. Italian in origin, this cameo was carved Circa 1860-1870, so is a genuine antique! It's hard to believe she was around during the War Between the States, isn't it? Makes you wonder who she might have seen or what events in history she might have witnessed along the way of her long journey!

This rare and lovely cameo is meant to represent Ariadne, bride of Dionysus, the god of Wine and Revelry. Dionysus and Ariadne traveled the countryside with their band of loyal followers, which
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