Rare Art Pottery Vase- Odell & Booth Brothers

This vase was made by a short lived pottery factory by the name of Odell & Booth Brothers. The factory was located in Tarrytown, NY. The pictures really don't show how remarkable this vase is. I think the figure on the front is either an Indian or someone in very primitive clothes. Take notice of the spired church in the background.

I have taken lots of pictures for two reasons. To show the workmanship that went into the painting & also to show all damage. These are not chips into the body of the vase, but more like the paint is chipping off. Even though the damage shows up in the pictures it really is hard to notice because of the color of the vase. Unlike most pottery w the clay under the paint is darker, I believe this clay is light in color, so the chips in the paint are hard to pick out.

I have added an extremely modest reserve price to this vase because the amount of inquiries I have recieved.

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