RARE Arts&Crafts/Mission/Craftsman Brass Mailbox

Gorgeous piece of early 20th century architectural hardware. Magnificent condition for an eighty to ninety year old item, leaning more towards new appearance than heavy patina. You could allow this to age to a fine patina or alternatively buff this to a high shine, the way it would have originally looked back in the 1910's. A review of the old catalogues shows this model was sold between 1906-1927, made by McKinney Mfg. They were advertised as hand polished, the construction is fantastic. Most of these were made of iron - it is very rare to find a brass version! Heavy and solid at four and a quarter pounds, this is solid brass, not brass plated steel. Measures 10 inches high, six and a half wide and two and a half deep. Has to slots on the bottom for a newspaper hanger which I unfortunately do not have. I used this one in my office as a documents holder! Lots of photos for you to review the fine detailing: raised pyramid pattern, raised center emblem - note the hammered patterned rivets. Some paint on the back which of course does not display, some scuffs that could be buffed but no dents or bends. Modest reserve, nothing scary. Not to be missed for the serious craftsman restorer!

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