DESCRIPTION : Up for sale is this authentic and very rare " Phra Kring - Roon 1 (#2411) " protective and magical Amulet from Thailand.
It is in perfect condition (no defect) and will please any serious collector. This is a 100% original Amulet and no fake!

He was a famous monk of Thailand and passed away on 30th June 2002 , at the age of 79.
LP Pern Tithakunoe was born in Nakhon Pathom Province on the 12th of August B.E. 2466 (1923). He studied magic from LP Dang of Wat ToongKauk Suphan Buri Province when he was a Layman. LP Dang has been a guru monk who has knowledge of Visha and meditation. LP Pern wanted to study magic charms for protecting himself from the dangerous elements of the region. He was a soldier at the age of 21-22. After finish, LP Pern commenced studies spiritual tattoos or Yant composition from LP Huem of Wat Bang Phra who was a teacher in Buddha Magic and Sorcery.
LP Pern was ordained at the age of 25 at Wat Bang Phra more than 4 year, until LP Huem passed away. He has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. After that, he went to LP OhPahSee Temple for bulding up knowledge of Visha and Buddhism way, about 1 year.
In the year 1953, LP Pern went also called "Tudong" in the deep jungle alone to border of Thailand and Burma. Tudong is monk's journey togain knowledge
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