Rare Boeing 787 Premiere Coin Bonus Pin Sticker Water

A New Airplane for a New World

First off, let me thank you for taking a looking at my auction. What you will be bidding on is: One (1) Rare Boeing 787 Premiere Coin, Lapel Pin, Sticker and Water!

787 Dreamliner Premiere High Polished Metal Coin (This item is RARE . ONLY Boeing Fabrication Employees were awarded this. Mind you, Boeing is out sourcing most of their manufacturing core competency to external suppliers)
787 Dreamliner Premiere Lapel pin (Still sealed in plastic bag)
787 Dreamliner Premiere 787 Cartoon Sticker
"Keep This Coupon" #490425 (Was redeemable for a special lunch at a Boeing Cafeteria. Not valid anymore.)
Green Presentation Bag (Which the items were delivered to the Boeing Fab Employees)


787 Dreamliner Premiere u nopened bottle of purified drinking water. (Special bottling by Pepsi Co. 20 FL OZ, 1.25pt, 591ml)

Condition :
Perfect Condition.
Red X

Sorry, I will only accept as a method of payment. Will ship within 24 hours once payment is received. Winning bidder will be required to pay within 5 days after the auction ends. Thanks

Any questions, comments about this auction, please don't hesitate to contact me before you bid. Thank you for being an honest E-Bayer .