Rare Bret Michaels & Trasy Poison GlamRock Pop Picture

A Very Cool and Very Rare Picture of Trasy and Bret and Trasy's Mom, Kickin' it at Tracy's Mom's House.Very Rare to see Bret Without his Super Hero Makeup!!!!

This picture comes from the private collection of "Trasy Lewis" ,The first long time Girlfriend of Bret Michaels.They went out 2 years before the band was signed and 2 years after they were signed,Trasy is the Girl That Bret wrote "EVERY ROSE HAS ITS THORN" about.This Picture is an 8x10 Glossy and much clearer than what you see This is scanned at a very low Resolution so it would go on E-BAY.In The Days and weeks to come,T will be MUCH more of her private collection placed on E-BAY. T Will Be Lots of Pictures, Love Letters,Buttons, Original T-Shirts, Brets Personal Pokadotted Band Towel, Also lots of Band Pictures and Promo shots, Band Flyers,Band Flyers w/ Matt the Original Guitar Player, Rock Mags, Rock Mags of the band when They were called "Paris" , Original Uncut Video of "Talk Dirty to Me" w/ Trasy in the Beginning and other uncut stuff, Many personal photos of Bret and Trasy together including"Talk Dirty to me" Promo Pictures of Bret and Trasy,These are Super Cool ! Plus What ever else she can dig up. Trasy has sat by and listened and watched as Bret has told the world the story he would like you to believe but that story is not true! In 20 years she has had
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