Rare BUCK 310 Whittler Pocket Knife - Factory Error

Buck Whittler

is a rare Buck 310 Whittler, which is a discontinued model I've been told. Plus, this is a special edition knife, with a beautiful hardwood, presentation box. To add to the rarity, this knife has a unique tang stamp, that was a mistake. Over the years, I bought quite a number of new knives in quantity, and just put them up. I have now decided to thin-out my collections, and offer them to you. This included several boxes of Buck knives. I don't know the exact age of this knife, but it's an unusual find. This is a three-blade pocket knife in brand new, unused condition. For some reason, the tang on main blade was mis-stamped "309". This was a factory error according to Buck, since it's definately a model 310 Whittler. A model 309 is a two-blade knife. The box is clearly marked "310" as well. It was simply a mistake when it was made, so t were very few of these like this. Knife was first un-wrapped for picture only. It is 3 inches closed and has the black delrin saw cut scales. Don't confuse this knife, with the common 303 "Cadet" and the 373 "Trio". This is a true whittler design, with clip blade and sheepsfoot blade at opposite ends of the knife. Another 310 sold recently for over $65.00 on e-bay, and it did not have the nice hardwood presentation case. This knife is a "factory error" that slipped out, it may
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