RARE Carved Pit / Seed Antique Japanese Ojime Lacquer

Very Unique Rare Japanese Antique Ojime. Smooth Carved Peach Pit (Seed). 19mm Diameter. Masterful Artistry! Stunning Lacquered Colors. Traditional bead suspended above the Netsuke. Perforation through which the cord passed to secure the Inro.

Mid 1800s, Early Meiji/Late Edo Period. Light wear at one of the openings.

Netsuke were attached by a chord to the Ojime which loosened and tightened the chord above the compartmentalized Inro. The cord on which the Inro hung ran under the kimono Obi (belt) secured in place by the Netsuke positioned over its stiff fabric edge.. This acted as a secure device to prevent the Inro from detaching from its owner.)

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