You are bidding on very beautiful, rare, special and unique Antique Tribal Hand Painted Papua New Guinea, Middle Sepik River (Iatmul) RITUAL DANCE WAND.

This is the third Dance Wand of eight I will be offering on ebay.

They are all very different (in size, painting and carving) from each other and all have an old ornamented bamboo handdle.

The wood carving is of a face with cowry shell eyes and all have a bird on the edge of it (PLEASE SEE PHOTOS).

This item has an excellent provenance, being part of the Oceania Collection from a private estate in Miami, Florida.

The owner had several items from the Pacific Rim / Oceania the he bought in his several travels to that area.

His collection had more than 400 pieces and I was lucky to buy a few of them privatelly.

I will be keeping a few for myself.

I don't understand much about New Guinea Tribal art but own several items from that area as well as many African Tribal Art.

I was told by the seller that most of the items are from the 60's and 70's and that it is from the Middle Sepik River (Iatmul).

This collection was amazing and I had the opportunity to purchase several items and will be offering a few items on ebay.

This item is in good aged condition with the normal wear and some paint
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