These are rare bookends and they are guaranteed old, genuine and original. They are those of Chief Joseph, the head of the Nez Perce southwestern native american tribe. They are circa 1930, and art deco in origin and style. A strong and very appealing sculpture of the sadness and dignity in this aged indian's face. The deco design incorporates the elaborate headdress or warbonnet to form the outside of the bookend itself. These measure 5 and a half inches tall and weigh 4 pounds the pair. They are in great condition and have a great antique patina. The finish is a very subdued red gold copper bronze. I think these are pure copper bookends, very rare but you sometimes found them in the Southwest w the great copper mines were located prior to World War II. If not copper, they may be bronze with a very thick copper plating but I think pure copper, nothing else has that gleam. you can find them pictured and identified in the antique bookend reference guide by DeCosta and Kuritzky, "The Encyclopedia of Bookends", page 276, he shows them and says they are pure bronze with the same finish so maybe they are. He also gave them a five, with a rarity scale of 1 to 5, with 5 the highest. Thanks for looking and please see my other auctions for more antique and vintage cast metal bookends and doorstops that I will combine on shipping whenever

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