Rare Children's Black Americana Book "Pinky Marie

This very interesting (and beautilly illustrated by Ann Kirn) child's story book tells the story of Pinky Marie's adventure with the seven bluebirds. Published by the Saalfield Pub. Co., Akron, Ohio and New York "Publishers for the Children". Book measures 10 1/4" high by 9 1/2" wide.

Her father's name is Washington Jefferson Jackson - all the dialogue is done in old-time black American way of speaking. For instance, Mrs. Jackson said "Pinky Marie, this is goin' - to - town day. Yo' pappy is goin' to town to buy some seeds ---and Pinky Marie said "Oh, yes, yes, yessum, Mammy. Is you goin' too?" All conversations between the family use the same manner of speaking.

Many large illustrations in full color, others in black, grey, and white. The story is so cute too, about the bluebirds taking all the many-colored ribbons out of Pinky Marie's braids to brighten up their nests. See pictures of inside pages.

The covers are the hardboard type used in children's book of that time, smooth surface. The front and back cover are quite worn, but the picture and name are still very bright. The spine is very worn and has the paper off the spine, but inside pages are all bound with string and are very secure. Corners are a little dog-earred, no writing or pencil marks, no pages missing; this book is so charming, even just
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