rare Coca Cola Coke vintage airline beverage cooler

This auction offers a unique Coca Cola beverage cooler that dates back to the 1960s or so. It is often referred to as an "airline" cooler, since these were commonly used on planes years ago to keep bottled Cokes ice cold. It is solidly made of heavy grade metal, and is in good overall condition for it's 40+ year old age. Of course, it shows various signs of use, but those imperfections always give a vintage item charm and character!

The two front clasps and the side mounted bottle opener are somewhat rusty but very functional, the red finish is chipped, scratched, and flaked in several spots but is still vibrant for it's age, and the bottom has very slight rust just beginning around the edge, but it has been tested and is sealed and watertight. The two rear hinges are complete and in good condition, and the top seals firmly against the bottom of the cooler when it is closed. The inside is very shiny and in excellent shape, with a few small dings and some slight rust at the bottom, but it is very clean and certainly reuseable if desired. T is a carrying handle located on top that pivots from front to rear and a metal bottle opener is mounted on one side for opening the old style cork lined bottle caps.

This unique piece of Coke history has been in storage for many years, and most of it's imperfections occurred because
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