Rare Crawford County Georgia Pottery

This is a very rare piece of Primitive Georgia Alkaline glaze Pottery - This was dug from a well on the Long Pottery site in South Georgia many years ago - I bought it from the man that dug it - It has had about 1/4" to 3/8" of the spout professionally restored - I usually do not have pottery restored but this piece was an exception - The rarity of the piece and the fact that it was the spout made it important that the restoration be done - That is the only damage or repair to the piece - Missing the lid - Unsigned but I will Guarantee it is from the Long site - 8" Tall and approx. 5 1/2" in dia at the widest point - I cannot begin to express how rare this form is - In collecting Southern Pottery for the last 15 years or so, this is only the 4th Coffee Boiler I have seen - I'm sure t are others out t but 4 is all I've seen - I wish it were signed and I wish it had the lid but so be it - What you see is what you get - Beautiful Green Alkaline glaze in a rare form that I doubt you will see for sale again - As usual I'm listing without a reserve and will let you the collectors decide what it's worth - I have $450.00 in the piece and $200.00 in the restoration and I think it's worth twice that amount !! - We'll see ..... :) - I'm listing for 1 week so next Sat night someone will own it ... I can email you more pics if you desire - eBay ... read more