Rare Dan Harrison "The Solution" Survival Knife! 1987!!

This is a rare Alcas "The Solution" survival knife that was designed and made by legendary knifemaker Dan Harrison. Unlike many factory customs w the maker lends their name and some design input to the knife, Dan Harrison actually designed AND made these knives. This is an incredible knife that was Blade Magazine's "knife of the Year" in 1986. This is a widely recognized and highly acclaimed award that is among the highest honors that a knifemaker can achieve. Harrison also designed the Fisherman's Solution and later sold or licensed the design to Alcas, but I think these were later made by Alcas. Due to the high cost and intensive labor, this model was only offered by Alcas for a short period of time. If seen a few of these offered over the years, but this is the very first I had ever seen bearing the Alcas name, marketing, and packaging. It remains the only example I've ever seen. As near as I've been able to determine, production of this model was extremely limited.

Alcas came into being as the result of a joint effort between Wear-Ever's parent company (Alcoa Aluminum) and Case. Wear-Ever wanted to develop a high-quality line of professionally cutlery, so they decided to approach Case, as they were fairly close geographically and were viewed as one of leaders in the U.S. cutlery industry. This joint effort resulted in
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