RARE Disneyland Junior's Ticket Book COMPLETE

This is a rare piece of Disneyland memorabilia:

One child's ticket book with 15 attractions coupons.

It is in excellentcondition with ALL pieces firmly attached -- including the main gate admission. T is some minor scuffing on the back cover Attractions coupons include 1 "A" ticket, 2 "B" tickets, 3 "C" tickets, 4 "D" tickets, and 5 "E" tickets. . The serial number for all the coupons is the same -- we NEVER insert extra coupons from other books to make our books complete.

Ticket books like this one with all coupons AND the main gate admission still attached are extremely rare and valuable.

The date code for this book is '789,' for September of 1978.

is your chance to own Disneyland History in paper! Authenticity guaranteed, or your money back.

Low serial number F000002!

Please e-mail with any questions and thanks for looking!