Rare early 18thC miniature sampler by Ann Grave 1717

Size 8'' x 8'' We have for sale the most wonderful little sampler that we believe to be scottish and was stitched in 1717. It is worked in shades of blues, creams, reds and browns and measures just 8'' x 8'' At the top is the alphabet , worked in many different shades. The letter J is missing and the letter U appears to be upside down. After this comes another alphabet that is stitched in tiny little round circles, again with the J missing and also the U. Then come the words ' Ann Grave worketh this sampler in 1717.' On the next line are the initials AR and GR, both with crowns above. Then the words ' The Lord is only my support. Amen. The following line has the initials CEAMN, then numerals followed by GHKL. After this is another row of numerals followed by a line of pulled thread work, the whole interspersed with patterns. This is the earliest sampler we have ever put up on e bay, and the condition, considering its age, is amazing. T are two small holes in the material, after the last numeral and by the number twelve. T is a small spot stain near the bottom of the item, and t are some threads missing in the letters H, R and W in the top row. The colours are slightly faded which can be seen by comparing with the photo taken of the back of the sampler. All these things are minor and cannot stress enough how good the condition this ... read more