RARE Early 1900's PA German Dutch Amish Measuring Cup

This is a nice primitive batter measuring cup from the very early 1900's. It was privey dug but is in excellent condition. Square sided handle with stripes. Fluted sides. Flared lip to catch batter. One cup size measuring 3 1/2 inches tall. Slight purplish tint to glass. No chips. Some bubbles and strawmarks from manufacture. I purchased this from a farm in Lancaster County, Pa - Home of the Dutch. Approximately 95 years old.

Amish information: The Amish are an Anabaptist Christian denomination and Swiss-German ethnic group found primarily in the United States and Ontario, Canada, that are known for restrictions on the use of modern devices such as automobiles and telephones. The Amish separate themselves from outside society for religious reasons; they do not join the military, draw Social Security, or accept any form of assistance from the government, and many avoid insurance. Most speak a German dialect known as Pennsylvania Dutch (or Pennsylvania German), which the Amish call Deitsch ("German"). The Amish are divided into dozens of separate fellowships. This article primarily discusses conservative Old Order Amish fellowships with restrictions on dress, behavior, and technology. T are many New Order Amish and Beachy Amish groups that use electricity and automobiles, but still consider themselves Amish. In 2000, Raber's Almanac

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