Stunning and rare natural red spinel diamond engagement ring or right hand ring. Set in a solid and heavy 14k white gold "swoop" setting. I say swoop because of the way the prongs curve and swoop from the side view. T are size absolutely high quality brilliant diamonds, clean and clear each measuring approx 2mm. Condition is very good as this looks hardly worn, no damage. Ring size 7, weighs 5 1/2 grams. For those of you unfamiliar with spinel and have the misconception a lot of people do about it being a synthetic stone, 's a quote from my gem book:
"Spinel is one of the loveliest of the gems but hasn't yet been given due credit and respect. It is usually compared to sapphire or ruby, rather than being recognized for its own intrinsic beauty and value. T is also a common belief that spinel (and similarly zircon) is synthetic rather than natural, when in fact it is one of nature's most beautiful products. This misconception probably arose because synthetic spinel is seen frequently on the market was genuine spinel is not often seen. Spinel is a fairly hard, fairly durable stone, possessing a nice brilliance." from Jewelry & Gems Buying Guide.
The color is red, the brilliance is like a diamond when the light hits it. Its is clean and clear, no damage. 's your chance to own a rare red spinel stone set in a beautiful classy
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