Rare! Executive and Close Protection Training Manual!

This is another Super RARE item. This is THE Training Manual for Law Enforcement, Federal Agents and Special Military Units dealing with Dignitary and VIP Executive Protection Operations. This unique manual came from a formalized training course. A 7-Day Intensive Training Program offered by Enterprising Securities Mobile Training Division who trains more Special Police Protection Teams than any other training agency and charges upwards of $1800.00 to attend. Inside you will find tons of useful information including checklists, case studies, threat assessments, security site surveys, countersurveillance, protocol, assignments, teams, advances & escorts, protective or antiterrorism/counterterrorism driving maneuvers, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and searches, protective formations, communications, weapons, , crisis medicine, bodyguard ethics, computer security, career development, protective incident countermeasures, TSCM, technical surveillance countermeasures, Overseas Liaisions and much more. This manual is worth its weight in gold to the security and law enforcement professional. This is the best Training Manual that I have on the subject and is designed for the individual who wants to train in advanced protection systems and train others in these systems. NO RESERVE! Winner shall pay $12.95 for careful shipping. You ... read more