Rare, Frank Miller Wolverine Comic Book Art Stat Page 8

Rare, Frank Miller "Wolverine" 4-Part Comic Book Series Art Stat Copy

Issue #3, Page 8

For reference during pre-production of Wolverine Series

Measures 11" wide by 17" high

's something you don't see very often, on eBay or anyw else for that matter. We picked these up at a San Diego Comic Con many years ago from a Comic art dealer.

This copy of Frank Miller's preliminary, original artwork for his acclaimed and best selling "Wolverine" 4-Part Comic Book Series, was made for reference purposes for the Comic's editorial, inking & coloring process.

Prior to the illustrations being completed, the creative team behind the Comic book series would be provided with "art stats" (copies) by Frank Miller for reference purposes during the pre-production phase of the Comic Book.

T are editorial or Art direction notes visible on the piece. If you note the small x's in the background, these were used to determine various textures that would be applied prior to printing. Miller's graphic ability is legendary, to examine some of his design techniques on this piece is fascinating.

This is a vintage copy, produced by Frank Miller. It still has the original staple hole in the upper middle section of it from being hung on a bulletin board. In good condition for its age and usage.
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