Rare French Art Deco Jean Mayodon Buthaud Nude Bowl


It is with great pleasure that I present an extremely RARE art piece by one of the most sought after Art Deco exponents - JEAN MAYODON.

He was born in Sérves in 1893 (-1967), he became the artistic director of the Sérves factory in 1941.

He was the son of a painter and became a painter himself. Mayodon first became interested in pottery in 1912. After the First World War

he exhibited some of his wares at the Galliéra Museum - based on the success of this exhibition he devoted the rest of his life to ceramics.

Most notably he participated in the Art Deco Paris Exhibition in 1925.

Together with other luminaries such as Rene Lalique and Jean Puiforcat his work featured aboard the Normandy.

He experimented with the kiln and perfected techniques in which successive firings, each at a lower temperature than the last, were used for each color. His objective was to obtain incredible richness of color.

THE DESCRIPTION: This bowl encompasses the very best of his production combining thick, rich drip glazes with an Art Deco central nude motive of two figures sunning themselves on a beach, note the beautiful blue of the sea forming a delightful contrast - under a typically rayed Deco sun.

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