RARE Galvanic Electrical Quack Medical Battery

A Rare Richardsons Magneto Galvanic Battery dated 9th February 1891. Made of Copper, zinc, iron, brass and German Silver. Measures 40mm across and 2mm thick, and weighs approximately 18g The Battery was intended to be worn or carried as a 'cure for most diseases', and these are quite rare. Such items today would guarantee the wrath of Food and Drug Administrations! The Bakken Library and Museum Website in Minneapolis has an example of one of these Batteries. I have detailed the inscriptions on both sides below as my scan does not show these too clearly, although they are actually clear and fully readable. Inscriptions Side 1: RD IN CANADA FEB 9 1881 PAT IN U.S.FEB 3 1880. Side 2: MAGNETO GALVANIC BATTERY RICHARDSONS BATTERY. Happy to ship overseas, packaging will be bombproof and excessive, guaranteed to reach you in perfect condition.

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