RARE***Geo. Benz & Sons Oldays Pure Rye Stoneware Jug

RARE ******* Unpened!! Geo. Benz & Sons Oldays Pure Rye Stoneware Jug. 5 1/2 inches in height. Absolutely, beautiful, perfect shape. NOW, the story behind this great find. My Uncle just recently passed away from cancer. Three months ago he gave me this jug with the story about his grand-father's brother. Late 1800s, great-grandfather's brother was known to walk for miles, up and down hills and around curvy back roads into the small town of Blue River, Wisconsin. T, he would purchase a few jugs of Oldays bottled rye whiskey. The interesting part of the story is; while he would be asked for no ride on his walk into town, many asked for his presence on the way back home. This is my uncle Emery's story and he stood by it. Buyer pays shipping. Good luck, thanks.