Rare German EM-GE Model 6 Gas Pistol

Rare Model 6 EM-GE Gas Pistol

made by: Moritz & Gerstenberger

Sold with box and paperwork. This is a rarity to find one of these in the United States in such fine condition.

Pistol Grip Handle was stock-not purchased seperately.

The pistol cannot fire a projectile, it cannot be sold outside the United States while on this auction, and is shown with a bright orange barrel cap for the purpose of representing this item in a manner that represents the fact that the manufacturer has expressed the fact that it will not discharge a projectile in their descrpition prior to being sold to the public.

You can do more research on this and other models by title on the web: EMGE MODEL 6. Click on Wikipedia and browse the links. As you will find, the company is still in business and you can still purchase the gas clips. Unfortunetely, you can no longer buy the original tear gas loads that were used, but all of the other accessories are available.

It has true weight to the Walther's model 8, and simalar looks to the Walther's PPK Crown (Bond) model. It has been fired at some point between when it was new and when I aquired it back in the 70's, and remember to take into consideration that these were toys and this one may have been purchased for that purpose as well.

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