Rare Hand Pounded Burmese SilverAlloy Decorative Dagger

Rare Burmese Iron Ceremonial Dagger with Hand Pounded Silver Alloy Sheaf

This Burmese Ceremonial Iron Dagger is decorated with a pounded silver alloy hilt and sheaf. The hilt includes a hardwood shaft. This piece was acquired in the Golden Triangle area of Burma not far from the Lao PDR and Thailand borders. According to the seller, it was handmade by indiginous people using traditional techniques. Our trade in such items provides an economic incentive to preserve traditional handicrafts; it further supports traditionally minded people who want to stay in home villages rather than seek employment in big cities.

Weight: 476 grams. Measurements: 48 x 3.3 cm

Seller: My roots run deep in Southeast Asia, the Indian Sub-continent, and China. Thirty years of study and employment have given me capability in most local languages, appreciation for area cultures and introduced me to a myriad of markets with treasures rare and unique. My travels continue to take me to both cities and remote upcountry areas throughout the region w original antiques and cultural artifacts can be purchased, usually after a lively round of price negotiation. I love the adventure. My wife, from the ancient Thai capital of Sukhothai, has a passion for antiquities, mystical and recorded history, and deal hunting in local village markets.
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