this auction is for the very rare home depot bobble head about 4 years old,in mint condition about 5.5" tall and made of heavy ceramic type poly resin.please watch our upcoming daily auctions for listings of my collection paper mache nodder collection. ive worked for years putting together and upgrading vintage 60's paper mache nodder type sets in which are completed or near completed.i will be listing sub sets of kissing nodders such as happy kids,international police,my hero, yellow base and green base 'kiss me" pairs i felt the most challenging are the kisser pairs simply because you had to find both boy and girl and upgrade untill both were mint or near mint..ill also be listing nodder banks,characters,personalities,advertising, vikings ywins and gophers .. avoid the high cost of shipping with my combined shipping offer..due to medical reasons im selling off my entire collection.i will also be listing many other rare bd&a,agp,forever collectible,sams,mlb,nhl,nfl,nba,minor league,retail,pro shop,sga bobbleheads and many very rare vintage nodders....sorry we do not end auctions early for bidders and we dont sell any nodders off ebay... we ship very fast and package our bobbles extremely well as 100% sellers feedback shows.insurance is required and will combine ship for $2.00 extra per single nodder auction....example you

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