Wonderful early pot by Hopi Tewa historic potter, Grace Chapella 1874-1980. She was also known as Tsepela, "White Squash Blossom" or "The White Pottery Lady" because of the off-white color of her pots. She lived to be 106 yrs old. T is much information to be found when googling her name along with other examples of her pottery and photo of her. One of her teachers was Nampeyo. She was also one of the first Native American potters to sign her pieces. She is also known for decorating pots with both moth and butterfly designs. This signed piece has an off-white background with dark brown/black decoration painted on the interior of the bowl. The top of the rim is also decorated with small designs possibly moths. The pot is approx. 5 1/2" in diameter and 2 6/16" tall. T are no cracks or chips. It is in good condition with the usual minor surface scratches for a pot of it's age. It is signed Grace C. and is early to mid 20th c.