RARE Irish Arklow Hand Painted Pottery Set c1940

RARE Irish Arklow Hand Painted Pottery Set c1940
Gorgeous breakfast pottery cup, saucer and plate.

With crisp clear bright colours (four distinct colours) - all with free hand painted floral decorations and great Arklow pottery marks.

Believe us when we say this: The old earthenware from this well known Irish pottery has NOT YET COME INTO IT'S OWN. This lovely unique country folk-art pottery has not been properly researched. "The Book" has yet to be written. Only one major article was written in the 2003 Irish Arts Review by Audrey Whitty - see example photograph and information below. For a short period of less than thirty years until the takeover by the Japanese firm Noritake, Arklow Potteries produced an incredible variety and quantity of everyday pottery. Arklow is easily identified from it's markings.

The Arklow Pottery
This pottery was formally opened on Monday the 29 th July 1935, by the then Minister for Industry and Commerce, Seán Lemass. In 1934 in preparation for such a massive undertaking as Ireland 's second pottery, after Carrigaline, to be founded under the auspices of the Free State , designing classes were undertaken at the local Technical Institute, w 15 young women were recruited.

Initially 200 people were employed which included approximately thirty people from the
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