Rare Jackie Kennedy Onassis Nautical Buoy !!

Jackie and Aristotle Onassis Buoy

For that avid Kennedy collector! Never before seen on Ebay!

This rare buoy belonged to Jackie and Aristotle Onassis , guaranteed genuine. This buoy came from the Kennedy Compound in late 60âe(tm)s to early 70âe(tm)s when Jackie was married to Aristotle in 1968. They were married for 7 years before Aristotle died in 1975.

How did I get it?

I am auctioning this once in a lifetime buoy for my sister who currently lives on Cape Cod next to the Kennedy Compound. Her ex-husband grew up next to the Kennedy compound and used to play with the Kennedy kids in the summertime when he was little(now 53yrs. old). As a boy, he found this styrofoam buoy on the Kennedy compound and 'kept it' for his own. It has been in their family home basement at Hyannis port ever since. My sister is now ready to part with this famous buoy and it can be yours!

This is a Styrofoam buoy, and not plastic. T are only minor dents in it from (early)handling that can be seen in the pictures. It does show natural wear, with discoloration to the painted name and its original color. The pictures are pretty accurate with regard to its existing color. T are no major dents or damage. And wasn't used by anyone after being found on the Kennedy compound. Pictures display all sides of buoy. Just natural
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