Rare Kentucky Coin Silver Spoon- Breckinridge County

Once again I am pulling a few pieces of Southern coin silver out of the recesses of the family sugar chest. Frankly, I am surprised myself when I rediscover these pieces! Please check our auctions this next week as we try to list a variety of pieces from Ky, Virginia, and possibly other Southern states.

Offered is a scarce mark in Kentucky silver which I had never before encountered. In fact, I almost listed this as a piece of Alexandria, Virgina silver until I stopped to look at the mark condition to compile this listing. This had literally been thrown in the silver drawer with the assumption that it was by John Adam, son of James Adam, of Virginia. Upon closer inspection, I found it is not of Virginia origin at all, since t is an "S" on the end of the name! In fact, it appears to be the previously unrecorded and unpublished mark of regional Kentucky silversmith J. H. Adams. As such, and coming from what would often be considered Western Kentucky, this would be an important addition to many collections of Kentucky silver. Since I am making this discovery only tonight, I have not had opportunity to do adequate research into the work of this smith. All that is readily known is his activity in the Hudsonville community (now just called Hudson) of Breckinridge County, KY in the late 1850's. For published information on this
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