Rare Kutani Satsuma Antique Crackle Vase This large vase is decorated by a master Kutani artisan with polychrome enamels and gold trim hand painted over a classic Satsuma style sand colored crackle finish with a high gloss glaze on the top, sides and bottom.

The crackle finish enhances the play of light on the surface and is emblematic of Satsuma wares, but this is Kutani, not Satsuma, which makes this vase somewhat rare. The vase has water lilies all around in various stages of blooming. Each leaf and flower are accented with gold. The vase gently tapers to a detailed gold design over burgandy.

The styles, label and the Kanji marking date this vase to the mid Showa period, about 1930 - 1941.

The rim is trimmed with gold and the foot with a gold ring over burgundy.
The label reads:
Toyo ®
Hand Painted

Toyo Trading Company is the multi-product import company, founded over 50 years ago, that sold both Kutani and Satsuma wares. This is their standard shop sticker for both. Toyo is still operated in Santa Fe Springs, CA by the same Nakayama family as when they first began purchasing finished goods in Japan for distribution to high end home furnishings markets in the US, and put their sticker on this Kutani vase.

9 1/2 inches tall. 5 1/2 inches in diameter at the widest point.
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