RARE Large Frosty Friends Hallmark Ornament Collection

Hello eBay Buyers...I am offering my entire Hallmark "Frosty Friends" ornament and collector's items collection. My mother started buying this collection for me when I was 10 years old.

Unfortunately, I do not have the coveted 1980 1st edition, but my collection starts with the 1981 Keepsake ornament. I am missing the following years:




I've outgrown these a bit personally, but I am hoping to impart some of the happiness and joy they have given me with another avid collector.

's the inventory:

Special Collector's Items

1996 100MM Eskimo & Seal Waterball w/ Music No. 61460086

2004 Frosty Friends Special Anniversary Edition Lighted Ornament "Winterfest" Frosty Friends Stocking Hanger

1990 Little Frosty Friends Memory Wreath w/ display stand

1990 Little Frosty Friends Ornaments (Little Husky, Little Bear, Little Seal, Little Frosty)

2000 Frosty Friends Set of 2 Pewter Ornaments w/ Porcelain Igloo Display Piece (2 sets available)

Collector's Ornaments

All ornaments contain Hallmark series verification and they are in their original boxes with price tags (some have the price tag missing as noted):

2006 Frosty Friends Series Edition Ornament (27 th in the series; Sharon Visker - artist)
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