This is a truly rare, beautiful, large natural,earth mined iolite, perfectly shown off in this ring setting. The color is a a beautiful, bright rich , intensely saturated natural violet-blue color. The color of this stone is amazing and is extemely sought after, more now than ever before, because of the shortage of tanzanite, and that iolite looks very close , often better. The color is very close to the color of top gem color tanzanite. This stone is exceptional for several reasons. As with any colored gemstones, the color is number one, and this stone is gorgeous, the color is perfect, an incredible violet-blue, extremely even colored throughout, the color is deep, but very bright, you don't need to go looking for w the color is. The stone is cut in checkerboard cut, this cut adds super sparkle and really makes the color pop. It is very, very rare to find rough iolote in sizes larger than 3-4 cts and to find a finished fancy cut iolite larger than 3 to 4 cts almost never seen. This iolite is approx.: 6cts, I am being conservative. It is the largest highest quality iolite I have ever seen. The color and the ring look so much better than it looks in the pictures and the pictures are extreme closeups and magnified. T are so many things that really make this ring special. It will surely be noticed. The setting is heavy and is an

Very good condition, no problems

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Ring Size: 8 to 8 1/4, easily sizable

Sterling Silver

Natural Earth Mined Iolite, 6cts (approx.)

Measurements: 16mm or 17/16 inches in diameter, somewhat smaller than a dime.

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