Rare" Mai Khan Dam Mead Mor " LP Derm Amulet Talisman

!! Mead Mor !!

Rare Mai Khan Dam Mead Mor Luang Phor Derm Amulet Talisman

Material : Black Wood & Steelr

Origin : Thailand

Size : 0.5" x 6" Long

T his ia a authentic Mai Khan Dam Mead Mor consecrated by the Monk master LP Derm himself thru special sesion.This knif made from steel carving holy script on it.The handle and sheath made from Mai Khan Dam (all Black wood from tomb in the deep forest)carving around the holy script!!! In Luang Phor Derm's time, t were very few roads and people had to walk through thick woods or forests to go from one place to another. They were not only afraid of the wild animals living in the forest, but also the unknown, such as evil spirits and black magic which were more fearsome than anything else. So bigger Meadmors were specially made for this purpose and these were very popular among the exorcist monks and witch doctors.

It is believed that this magical knife is energized with the power of
1. Protection 2. Exorcism 3. Victory 4. Defeating negative forces such as black magic 5. Courage 6. Confidence

PLEASE !! treat it WELL

This is a very stunning authentic black wood Mead Mor..!!Do not miss this change

...Please!! Trease it well..

Laung Phor Derm

Luang Por Derm, born in Takhli district,
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