this is an another antique from my mother's estate. my parents were antique collectors from 1940-1970. every summer for 20 years, my parents took me on great car trip vacations all over the united states. we always traveled to historical sites. all of the antiques i am selling have history behind them and are from those vacations we took. my sisters and i have inherited all of our parents antique collection. t is enough to fill three homes. my house looks like a mausoleum and t is no room to move around anymore. so i am going to sell off most of the antique estate i inherited.

this is a rare Mary Gregory water set complete with the matching silver tray. itis rare because not many water sets came with a silver serving tray. this collection belonged to my great aunt betty, who's grandmother brought it with her when she settled from boston, in the late 1800's. it was passed down through the generations of our family. t are 3 water glasses, but t may have been four at one time. the glasses and the pitcher are so fragile, light, and gorgeous condition. no one in my family used it since my great aunt's grandmother. she used it for company on Sunday. the three glasses each have a child on the front of the glass, with a flower painted on the back. t are two girls and one boy. t is a tiny flaw or knick on the top of each glass. you
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